For the Fall 2016 semester, we had to create a magazine entirely from beginning to end. We had to write the content, take the pictures, create the ads, do the layout, produce the online version and put together short videos related to some of the articles. As the chief editor, I oversaw all the details composing the magazine and built the final layout for the printed version. This project was created in collaboration with Christina Michel, Jonathan Marcotte and Gaby Lévesque.

Our concept behind Maple Drive was to design a magazine showcasing Montréal from a hipster`s perspective. The publication aimed to promote local trade and emerging talents that would influence tomorrow’s trends and ideals. Every issue would focus on investigating key movers of Montréal’s hipster subculture and the neighborhoods they live in. The idea was to show what the city has to offer from their point of view.

To stay in line with our concept and emphasize the content, we opted for a simple, uncluttered and well-structured layout. The featured articles were always shown with large, high resolution images and the advertising was kept to a minimum. The online version was designed with the same idea, using a simple grid structure with compelling images.

Credits for free background magazine mock-up images: behance.net/jrbarclay